Twelfth International Workshop on

Programmability and Architectures for Heterogeneous Multicores

To be held in conjunction with:
the 14th International Conference on
High-Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilers (HiPEAC)

Valencia, Spain, January 21, 2019


Computer manufacturers have embarked on the many-core roadmap, promising to add more and more cores/hardware threads on their chips. The ever-increasing number of cores and heterogeneity in architectures has placed new burdens on the programming community. Software needs to be parallelized and optimized for accelerators such as GPUs in order to take advantage of the new breed of multi-/many-core computers. As a result, progress in how to easily harness the computing power of multi-core architectures is in great demand.

The twelfth edition of the MULTIPROG workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in programming models, runtimes, and computer architecture. The workshop's emphasis is on heterogeneous architectures and covers issues such as:

MULTIPROG is intended for quick publication of early results, work-in-progress, etc., and is not intended to prevent later publication of extended papers. Informal proceedings with accepted papers will be made available at the workshop and online at the workshop’s web page

Topics of interest

Papers are sought on topics including, but not limited to:

Accepted papers

Camera Tracking on Focal-Plane Sensor-Processor Arrays
Sajad Saeedi, Thomas Debrunner, Laurie Bose, Andrew Davison and Paul Kelly

EngineCL: Usability and Performance in Heterogeneous Computing
Raúl Nozal, Jose Luis Bosque and Ramón Beivide

Optimising Convolutional Neural Networks Inference on Low-Powered GPUs
Simon Rovder, José Cano and Michael O’Boyle

Enforcing Fairness in Disaggregated Non-Volatile Memory Systems
Vamsee Reddy Kommareddy, Amro Awad, Clayton Hughes and Simon David Hammond

Memory Vulnerability: A Case for Delaying Error Reporting
Luc Jaulmes, Miquel Moreto, Mateo Valero and Marc Casas

RMem: An OS Service for Transparent Remote Memory Access in Lightweight Manycores
Pedro Henrique Penna, Matheus Souza, Emmanuel Podestá Junior, João Souto, Márcio Castro, François Broquedis, Henrique Freitas and Jean-François Méhaut

Performance effects on HPC workloads of global memory capacity sharing
Rajiv Nishtala Paul Carpenter and Xavier Martorell

Important dates

Full paper submission: Extended until November 16, 2018 (anywhere on Earth). Submission deadline: November 2, 2018
Notification authors: December 12, 2018. November 30, 2018

Paper Submission

MULTIPROG accepts contributions of research papers describing early research on emerging topics. When preparing your submission, please, adhere to the following format specification:

Papers should preferably use LNCS format (up to 12 pages, not including references). Single column (up to 12-Pages) or double column (up to 6-pages) formats are also accepted.

The authors of the accepted papers will be requested to provide the final version of their paper in LNCS format. Please use the templates below:

Submission link:


Miquel Pericàs Chalmers University of Technology Sweden miquelp[at]
Vassilis Papaefstathiou FORTH-ICS Greece papaef[at]
Oscar Palomar University of Manchester UK oscar.palomar[at]
Ferad Zyulkyarov Barcelona Supercomputing Center Spain ferad.zyulkyarov[at]

Program committee

Avi Mendelson Technion Israel
Christos Kotselidis University of Manchester UK
Hans Vandierendonck Queen's University of Belfast UK
Jose Maria Arnau Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech Spain
Pedro Trancoso University of Cyprus Cyprus
Sasa Tomic IBM Switzerland
Trevor E. Carlson National University of Singapore Singapore
Vasileios Karakostas National Technical University of Athens Greece
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