Dragon fountain (Park Guell). Gaudi, 1900-14.

Barcelona, Spain

September 8-12, 2001


Workshop on Compilers and Operating Systems for Low Power


Luca Benini (DEIS Universita di Bologna), Mahmut Kandemir (Penn State University) and J. Ramanujam (Louisiana State University).

Sunday, September 9, 2001.

08:55 Opening Remarks

09:00 Session 1

"Low Power Operating System for Heterogeneous Wireless Communication Systems".
Suet-Fei Li, Roy Sutton, and Jan Rabaey

"Power Low Approach in a Modified Dual Priority Scheduling for Hard Real-Time Systems".
M. A. Moncusi, Alex Arenas, and Jesus Labarta

"A Restricted Model for the Optimal Placement of Power Management Points in Real Time Applications".
Nevine AbouGazelah, Daniel Mosse, Rami Melhem, and Bruce Childers

"Load Balancing and Unbalancing for Power and Performance in Cluster-Based Systems".
Eduardo Pinheiro, Ricardo Bianchini, Enrique Carrera, and Taliver Heath

11:30 Session 2

"Energy Characterization of Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems".
Andrea Acquaviva, Luca Benini, and Bruno Ricco

"Propagating Constants Past Software to Hardware Peripherals".
Frank Vahid and Rilesh Patel

"Constructive Timing Violation for Improving Energy Efficiency".
Toshinori Sato and Itsujiro Arita

14:30 Session 3

"Power Modeling and Reduction of VLIW Processors".
Weiping Liao and Lei He

"Energy Mangement of Virtual Memory on Diskless Devices".
Jerry Hom and Ulrich Kremer

"Low Power Design of Turbo Decoder Module with Exploration of Power-Performance Trade-offs".
K. C. Shashidhar, Arnout Vandecappelle, and Francky Catthoor

16:30 Session 4

"Static Analysis of Parameterized Loop Nests for Energy Efficient Use of Data Caches".
Paolo D'Alberto, Alexandru Nicolau, Alexander Veidenbaum and Rajesh Gupta

"Power and Energy Impact of Loop Transformations".
Hongbo Yang, Guang R. Gao, Andres Marquez, George Cai, and Ziang Hu

"Buffered Tiling for Sequences of Loop Nests".
Youcef Bouchebaba and Fabien Coelho

"Low Energy Clustered Instruction Fetch and Split Loop Cache Architecture for Long Instruction Word Processors".
Murali Jayapala, Francky Catthoor, and Rudy Lauwereins

"A Fresh Look At Low-Power Mobile Computing".
Michael Franz

18:10 - Closing Remarks


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