International Workshop on OpenMP: Experiences and Implementations
(part of the International Symposium on High
Performance Computing ISHPC-IV)

Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Kansai Research Establishment
(Kansai Science City, JAPAN)
May 15, 2002


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OpenMP is emerging as an industry standard interface for shared memory programming of parallel computer applications. OpenMP offers a way to write applications with a shared memory programming model portable to a wide range of parallel computers. In addition, a number of research groups are devoting their efforts to envisage future enhancements of the language, implement tools, compilers and run-time environments.

WOMPEI-02 follows a series of workshops on OpenMP, such as WOMPAT 2001, EWOMP 2001, and WOMPEI-2000. It is part of the cOMPunity initiative whose main objective is the dissemination and exchange of information about OpenMP. WOMPEI-02 was held in conjunction with HiWEP (HPF International Workshop: Experiences and Progress), both as part of the ISHPC (International Symposium on High-Performance Computing). The three events provided the most appropriate environment for interesting discussions about current experiences in the use of OpenMP and HPF, as well as about the future of parallel programming. For additional information about ISHPC and HiWEP sessions and talks, please visit the conference web site.

Papers presented at WOMPEI-02 are available in the ISHPC-IV proceedings, published as volume 2327 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) of Springer-Verlag.

This page is available either from (European site) or (Japan site). For general information on the ISHPC-IV symposium, please visit the web page located at

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Prof. Misuhisa Sato (General Chair) and Prof. Eduard Ayguade (Program Chair)

WOMPEI-02 Committees